Tuesday, February 8, 2011


and, so, but, because, by atriara
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Sumaiyyah said...

(I'm reposting my reply here in case you don't read it in my blog).

Hi Kishoreo1. Well more news (and rumours)have come out since that post so I'm afraid I don't know for sure. One group got their results last week (KPLI-SM-PPC), but I think you and I have to wait, since we finished around the same time. The news should be out this week at the latest though, since they say you have to report for duty in October. I'll make sure to post any news once I get any :) Thanks for your visit!

Oh, and good blog! It's nice to meet a fellow teacher with a blog geared towards the profession! I hope you won't mind if I include your blog in my bloglist.