Friday, April 6, 2007

5th posting....

Computer assisted language is an important aspect in testing ones' level of proficiency in language especially in English.English has known as the language of commerce and international language. if we want to be fluent and expert in English, online English test is one of the way to do it!
There are many websites that offers online language testing. There are many interactive and interesting test that is conducted to test the language level among lecturers and among students. in these online language testing websites the test is conducted and results are provided in an instant with the complete answer and explanation for their wrong answer after the test.Computer-assisted language tests can be individually administered, even on a walk-in basis. Thus group-administered tests and all of the organizational constraints that they impose will no longer be necessary.time limits are not necessary. Students can be given as much time as they need to finish a given test without the watchful eyes of any the other hand cheating will arise but this problems can be handled with a good planning.
Fill in the blanks,True or false,Multiple-choice,Multiple answer.Matching.Ordering,and Short essay are the activities that been offered to test ones ability. these are interactive test but the student or the lecturer can toggle the level of difficulties.Like an saying, don't limit your challenge, challenge your limit.Online language testing or computer assisted language testing offers help to those who had been required to do all of their writing assignments in the course on a PC.
This shows the importance of ICT in language learning.We can deny the major role that ICT had been playing in language testing and learning in third world country like Malaysia,which English is a second language.Online or computer assisted language learning helps student and lecturers to mark their level in the language.